Just Another Syntax?

A common reaction I get from showing to other programmer is the reaction: Is this just an alternate syntax? What does it buy me?

Typically I get this reaction because they are thinking this as another programming language, and people are reluctant to learn another language unless they need it. They don't need MyDef, at least they don't know they need it yet.

MyDef is not another language. It is an additional layer on top of your programming language. That layer can be very thin: you can write exactly you always write in your langauge and simply tuck it into a MyDef "page" directive. Then what it buys you? That depends. Do you ever had any complains the way you programs? If the answer is no, then there is nothing out there to buy. But I suspect you do have something to complain about, then this additional layer, MyDef, allows you to do something about it.

For example, you always need write curly braces and semicolons, do you ever think they are extra? MyDef allows you to omit them! And it is not an on/off switch. If you like them somewhere but not here, you can omit them here but write them somewhere. What ever you think is the best, intuitive, natural, MyDef lets you do that.

As another example, have you complained about boilerplate code? If you use API, those codes are everywhere. But think about it, if they are boiler plate, there is only one information node, do you wish that you can simply call that boiler plate in one word (consistent to one information node) instead of duplicating that code again and again? MyDef enables you to do just that.

So instead of reading this book thinking about what benefit MyDef will bring you, think about what you have been complaining. MyDef's benefit is only as good as your vision.

Next I am going to show you some of these visions(examples). They may be more unusual than you used to, you may have a suspicious response (rather than the wow I intended), but remember, you don't have to refactor all the way like I did. If you have different vision, MyDef probably still can help you (extreme visions may require writing MyDef extension, and we'll show you how). I would like to debate you on why many of my choices are better, but that will not be the point.

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