There are more features MyDef can offer. However, they are more specialized and should be considered experimental. I would include some examples here simply to expand our vision on what is possible.

The following code are directly from tests/ folder in MyDef repository.

  • Regular expression
include: c/regex.def

page: test, basic_frame
    $local string s
    &call open_r, "spam.mbox"
        $while fgets(s, 200, file_in)
            $if s=~/^From (\S+)\s+(\w+)\s+(\w+)\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+:\d+:\d+)\s+(\d+)/
                $regex_capture ts_addr, ts_day, ts_mon, ts_date, ts_time, ts_year
                printf("Envelop-From: [%s %s %s] %s\n", ts_mon, ts_date, ts_time, ts_addr)
            $elif s=~/^To:.*<(\S+)>/
                $regex_capture ts_to=>1
                printf("\tTo: %s\n", ts_to)
  • Matrix
include: c/matrix.def
    float: float

page: test, basic_frame
    $call test_matrix_mult

subcode: test_matrix_mult
    $local $(float) A[4]={2, 3, 4, 0}
    $local $(float) B[4]={1, 2, 5, -1}
    $call set_matrix, A, 2, 2
    $call set_matrix, B, 2, 2

    $sumcode sum=A[i]*B[i]
    $print "product: $sum"

    $local $(float) C[4]
    $call set_matrix, C, 2, 2

    $sumcode C[i,j]=A[i,k]*B[k,j]
    $call matrix_print, C
  • Hash
include: c/hash.def

page: test, basic_frame
    $call test_hash

subcode: test_hash
    $my hash H

    $(for:i in 1..500)
    $print "  34: %d", H{34}
    $print "  68: %d", H{68}
    $print "  a17: $H{a17}"
    $print "  b17: $H{b17}"
    $print "  hello: %d", H{hello}

    $if H{a18}
        $print "Got a18"
  • Dynameic array
include: c/darray.def

page: test, basic_frame
    $call test_foreach_static
    $call test_foreach_dynamic
    $call test_darray

subcode: test_foreach_static
        $print "\ntest foreach pn_test ..."
        $my pn_test[10]
        $foreach pn_test
            $print "    %d: %d", $(i), $(t)

subcode: test_foreach_dynamic
        $local_allocate(n) pn_test
        $foreach pn_test
            $print "    %d: %d", $(i), $(t)

subcode: test_darray
    $my darray P: int, char
    P.$resize 10
    $foreach P
        $(t)=$(i), $(i)+'A'
        $print "    %d: %c", $(i), $(t).2
    P.$resize 0
    P.$push 108, 108
    $print "last item: %d", P[-1].1

    (n, c)=P.$pop()
    $print n = $n, c = $c

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